this actually breaks my heart

Anonymous said:
"i miss your yoona edits :((( i don't know where to look for yoona's gif or photo sets anymore. it's kind of tiring."

Awwww :( Thank you for this. You’re much too sweet, I don’t think I’ve ever received a message like this in a long time. But yeah, I’ve been too busy with everything and I rarely have the time. Plus my computer hasn’t been working so it’s really hard. I missed editing and making gifs but now something like this is currently happening and I’m feeling hurt, sad, and angry right now. I hope I can continue making gifs for you guys in the following weeks/months. I got my fingers crossed and I hope all these are just a part of a nightmare. Let’s stay strong!

Can somebody tell me what the hell is happening right now? I am so lost and confused and angry and hurt.

Anonymous said:
"Do you ship Yoona with anyone? Like Changyoon, Yoonhae, YoonGi, etc.?"

everyone except taecyeon