Calling them my favorite blogs would be an understatement. They’re more like the blogs that inspired me. I know, I know that line is too cliche but I’m telling the truth. I was at the point of giving up and and… lol I’m kidding. But still, whenever I see them on my dash, they’re like my sunshine after the rain, they’re the cure against my fear and pain. cause i’m losing my mind when they’re not around~

more blogs to follow: okay i can’t describe each blog that i like cause it’s too many ;a; but still, it doesn’t mean i love them any lesser ;a;
1stmelody ambrosaur baekes poodlepuffs snsd9wishes sujongz taeyeon theklassic heliakrome sek-ai soshimallows sunaegyo kimtae-tae snsdgotaboy heylululu jungyeons
okay, I /might/ not talk about their edits, gifs, graphics per se but also /my/ opinion about the blogger herself/himself or my feelings towards her/him (omg sounds like a confession lmao) what I say here is from my own perspective and not from others. please don’t be offended, though I doubt i’ll say anything offensive *u*

description under the cut

0-fivethirty - one of my favorite yoona-biased blog, like i swear i could throw her a bouquet of flowers for being such a flawless blog ;A; her edits omg her edits I just can’t- she makes everything so so pretty. it’s a plus for me that she’s a yoonaddict too! god I wanted to be her friend though ;a; (tbh, i want every yoonaddict to be my friends too lol) but she seems nice and friendly /sobs

buttaerfly - raquel’s one in a million i swear. she’s one of the nicest bloggers here ;3; I remember I was hesitating to talk to her and when I actually did, never did I regret /sobs i’m always in awe whenever i see raquel’s gifs and edit and when she followed me, my heart swelled so muuch it hurts ;A; 

evonrun - each and every one of her edits are immaculate gosh. i think if she offers photoshop classes i’d be the first straight to the door. one of the best snsd blogs and ugh i can’t even- i could die with her works /dies lmao

hallyus - god I could just stay forever in her blog. and sometimes, I really do. I stare and admire her works ;a; she makes the nicest edits ever klashkfj i can’t even- please teach me how to photoshop i’ll bake you cookies and cakes and give you the prettiest flowers i could find /sobs

hyemies - gosh how do i even begin. every single thing is perfect. I don’t even know what quality is when I stalk her blog cause not even one’s imperfect. like her blog is sugar-coated or something >3< 

hyoyeon - not only does she has one of the best url (it always cracks me up whenever i see an anon asks her how many people she killed before she got the url to herself lmao) but she’s like my one of my favorite editors ;a; her edits never fails to awe me. she’s lovely. we never talked to each other that much though but it feels like she’d be nice as a friend. i like her opinions. seriously, let’s be friends!!!! lolol /sobs

imyoonas - besides the fact that i really love his url ;a; he makes nice edits and gifs too. and he makes me laugh with his tags lol. and he loves kai and yoona (my biases) and i think he’s really funny too and omg it looks so redundant but idc i just really love his blog okay ;a; i mean, aklsjdhfajks flawless everything. how ;3; 

jennytaetae - omg I’m not worthy to describe this blog ;a; it’s perfection at its best. I swear I am a fangirl of her blog. she’s one of the many who influenced me to make this blog (though she’s not really aware of it lol ;a;) and to say her graphics are pretty is an understatement. it’s more of otherwordly…… okay. maybe that’s a little exaggerated but hey! it won’t hurt anyone ;a; but still! I just sigh whenever I see her graphics and think ‘how to be flawless’ /sighs I love her AND her blog to bits and pieces. forever a must-follow.

kimtaeism - i don’t even remember any fangirl moment with this girl….. -______- lolol kidding. I don’t remember cause it happens everytime I  see her works on my dash. I can’t even remember when we started talking but once we started, we never stopped. okay. maybe we did. but still, she’s my closest here ;a; she’s one of my tumblr bestfriends and I can’t even imagine tumblr without her. she’s funny and sarcastic and annoying and she’s like my long lost sister >3< i love her to bits! (chuu~) 

leejieun - kristen ;a; kristen is like a……. i swear she’s the friendliest ever /sobs I remember myself fangirling because she followed me back and i can see everyone talking to her and all. she’s a sweetheart and everything nice in this world. like I sometimes smile to myself whenever we talk to each other. she’s like a sunshine >3<

ninepearls - ara is like the dongsaeng i never had. I never would’ve thought she’s younger than me cause her edits are to die for ;A; a true sweetheart and very lovely. love her from the bottom of my heart <3

noogieboogie - favorite yoona-biased blog of all-time. she’s the first blog i ever followed and ever since, she has been my favorite. it reminds me of the time i fangirl when she followed me I mean, my posts are such a peasant compared to hers but she still followed me! she makes everything nice and pretty and beautiful and ughhhhhh hfkljhaslfjk I can’t contain my feels.

oh-luhans - because of her, I proved that first impressions never last. oh my gosh, i can’t even believe she actually talked to me like wow ;A; though I think I scared her away /sobs but still, i never thought she was the kind of girl who’ll go to someone’s ask and thank her for following her blog because look at her blog! it’s the very definition of a quality blog okay ;3; 

pilsuks - i must say that i think iu stans are the sweetest ever ;A; first kristen, then julia (that or I’ve met the best ones of the bunch lol) but I’ve only talked to julia like once? when I was feeling a bit down and she comforted me and she’s just really really really nice okay ;A; if kristen’s my sunshine then she’ll be the moon who shines when the world’s dark (not even exaggerating on this) 

sailorseo - one of the best. I really admire her works, seriously. and her edits oh my gohdshkjdh heaven sent. like she makes flawless things even more flawless ;A; she seems super nice and humble too! I wouldn’t mind following forever <3

saranghaeyos - meet miss flawless. favorite sunny-biased blog ;a; I think you’re too flawless for me though /sobs she so sweet too and you know how i am with sweets *u* she’s like a flower lol i don’t know why. she reminds me of a flower :3

sarangtaeyeon - he really inspires me with his gifs. no joke! I don’t know why, but I feel so inspired whenever I see his gifs on my dash. like it has the power over me lolol. kidding aside, you’ll never know how much my heart swelled so much i think it’s bigger that a hot-air balloon when you followed me ;a; i was like ‘i’m a peasant, why are you following me?’ and i could’ve cried but i blinked the tears away lmao /insert ugly giggling and sobbing

seo-han - when shaf and i first talked earlier last year (cause it’s already 2013 lol), I knew that we’d be great friends. and I was right! she’s nice and everything lovely. she’s a little feisty though and she keeps using that anime gif that pinches everone (it still hurts though kkkk) lol kidding. she’s a total sweet her and she knows that I love her ;a; 

taesunamo - oh don’t let me begin to describe this girl. just how can i, she’s perfect ;a; like a gift wrapped in a box, i never thought we’d be friends cause I thought she was one of those bloggers who’s a little snobbish and all but she proved me wrong! I see her edits everywhere and was like ‘wow’  and yeah, she’s the sweetest ever and i can even talk to her about the most random things ever. i love her to bits and ughhh i told you my description can’t ever suffice /sobs

telepany - how how how do you edit! i swear, she breaks my heart with her edits. and when I see her edits, I automatically know it’s hers. if her creativity’s like 90% then mine’s maybe like below 40% and that’s even when I’m feeling creative ;a; she’s really lovely too! a total sweetheart kjafhklasjfhasdh

tellsmeyourwish - omg all my feels when I saw that she followed me ;a; I can’t. I was even questioning if I’m really worthy. her edits, her gifs, her everything! everything in her blog is quality ;a; if i enter her blog, i’d be automatically be flawless lmao

tfnys - though I never actually had a decent conversation with her, she’s really funny either on tumblr or on twitter. I actually had some good laugh whenever she replies to her messages or simply tweets lol. and the fact that her works are one in a million ;a; no wonder I always say her url whenever someone asked me my favorite blogs >3< 

tiffanytiamo - she followed me a few days ago! and all my feels go pshhh (i can’t find the word i’m looking for okay ;a;) I was actually following her with my personal account before i made this blog. i don’t think i’m even worthy to describe cause words cannot even suffice ;A; 

wtfblooda - rene’s like one of the first few who talked to me here on tumblr when I was new and she didn’t even noticed that she helped me a lot during those times. she complimented me and I think that has helped me to just continue with this blog (I was actually thinking of deleting this blog back then but no one was aware) and there was a time where we just talked to each other about our personal lives and i realized she’s one of my closest friends here. everyone loves her edits and i love them too but i love her more ;A; I miss talking to rene /sobs 

wu-fan - as a much as every follower hers admires her love for kris, I admire her too for that. i really love seeing her opinion on my dash and sometimes her replies made me realize some things that I’ve never realized before. no wonder everybody wants to her opinion on everything. I do too! lmao and I think her friends are really lucky to have her kdfhksj plus she makes beautiful edits, a major plus! 

yultisic - not only is she adorable, her edits are lovely too. though I only talked to her once? right? but i can tell that she’s really nice and sweet fgsdghfas ;a; 

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